Pinseekers: Winter Weather Guidelines

We will not play if the temperature is unlikely to reach 40 degrees before our last group is expected to tee off.  In the event of a frost delay that expected time can be 30 minutes or more later than the scheduled time.  The 40-degree target temperature may be adjusted up or down by a few degrees depending upon such factors as cloud cover, wind, precipitation, ground conditions and expected high temperature for the day. 

If play is to be cancelled for the day, the monthly captain will let you know by email as soon as the decision is made.  We will also advise you of a frost delay as soon as we are made aware of it, but please be aware that the pro shop does not open until 30 minutes before our earliest scheduled tee time.  You should always call the golf course to confirm the starting time when there is a chance of a frost delay (especially for Dorchester and the Crag).

During the winter season, from November 1st through the end of March, we will play the ball up;  i.e., if your ball lies in a mowed area through the green, you may lift, clean and place it within one standard grip length in a like condition no nearer the hole.  Also, the leaf rule will be in effect throughout the entire winter season.  If you are virtually certain that your ball is lost in leaves within a mowed area, you may substitute a replacement ball without penalty.