Foursomes will be randomly selected by the Golf Software to equalize the total handicap of all foursomes. 

   White and Gold players in each foursome. White plays from White Tees; Gold plays from Gold Tees.

    No handicap is applied.  Each group competes as a team for the LOWEST TEAM SCORE for the 18 holes where the team records the gross score for one ball for the group on the card. 

   Every player's drive must be used at least three times during the round.  Mark your card appropriately.  The player whose drive is selected isn't eligible to hit the next shot.  The best shot of the other three players is used.  All four players can then play until the ball is holed.

   Place balls within one club length (not closer to the hole) of the best ball selected for play. Place balls within 6 inches (not closer to the hole) when on the green.  In placing the ball, you may not change the location of the shot. If the ball is in a hazard, rough or fringe, all members of the team must play their shot from the hazard, rough or fringe.

   Ties will be broken by matching cards starting with the #1 handicap hole.

   Prizes:      1st       $40

2nd      $30

3rd      $20



1)     Each group will select a Team Captain prior to teeing off. With the agreement of the other members of the group, the Team Captain decides which shot is the most desirable.

2)     Play begins with each member of the group teeing off. The order in which players hit or putt can be varied according to the strategy the team wishes to employ. However, If playing as a threesome, one member of the threesome may, on a rotational basis, hit or putt an extra time to compensate for the absence of a fourth person. (Use the same rotation throughout the round).  No Blind Draws.

3)     The best of these shots is then chosen. The other members of the group pick up their balls and proceed to the spot of the selected shot, where they will hit their next shots & so on until the team is on the green.

4)     The best putt is chosen & the next putts are hit from that spot until the ball is in the hole. NO GIMMIES.

5)     The first ball in the hole must count. Do not hole-out a short putt if you have missed your first putt; mark your ball and wait.

6)     At the end of each hole, the team records the gross score for one ball for the group on the card.  Also indicate whose tee shot was used.