'A' Division Skins Polic‚Äčy:

Gross & net skins are awarded weekly if you opted in and paid.  There is a $2.00 draw down for each week that you play, with $1.00 going to the gross skins pool and $1.00 to the net skins pool.  The golf league software will determine skins; see hole-by-hole scores and winners on website. Participants’ season-ending skins balances will be paid out in cash at the end of season awards meeting.  View the Skins Summary page for your current skins balance.  There will be no skins awarded for match play weeks or for the League Championship which will be played during the first two weeks in October. 

For net skins, handicaps are limited to one stroke per hole for a total of 18 strokes.  Without this limitation, it is felt that those who play from the hybrid tees might have an unfair advantage by receiving two strokes on a hole where they already have the advantage of playing from the forward tees.  Consider, for example, Dorchester # 1 or Brae # 4 where the vast majority of white tee players are unable to reach the green in regulation while those who play from the hybrids can easily reach and putt for birdie.